8 #304 / The Art of Upholstery Tufting with Grant Trick Diamond (or “deep button”) tufting can be a showstopper or a train wreck. Grant Trick is ready to arm you with everything you need to create showstoppers. He’ll reveal the mysterious math behind pattern making and button placement, as well as layout and methods for marking fabric. Grant will also explain foam, padding, buttons, knots and frames. Finally, he’ll share finishing techniques, and some top-secret tricks for handling difficult materials like velvet and leather. Monday, October 1, 2018, 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm Class Selection #401 / Playing the Angles with Robin Matthews Does the very thought of fabricating window treatments for windows with bays, low soffits, odd angles ― or all of the above ― give you heartburn? Determining how the window treatment will be installed before deciding on the best fabrication method will always lead to the most successful outcome. In this class, Robin Matthews will help you explore innovative installation and fabrication techniques for bay windows and other architectural oddities. #402 / Lightbulb Moments in the Workroom with Jodi Stanford Eureka! It’s a marvelous moment when we see how another workroom does something and our own lightbulb comes on. Jodi Stanford has been collecting workroom tips and techniques for 20 years starting with Sew What? and continuing with today’s social media platforms. Explore her file box of ideas for everything from covering mount boards to the best glue bottles, as well as uses for blue tape. How many lightbulb moments will you have? #403 / Communicate Your Way to Success with Michele Williams We communicate every single day and by various means, but when working with others toward a shared goal, being able to communicate well takes on even greater importance. In this session, Michele Williams will discuss the fundamentals of good business communication, how to say only what’s necessary, how to listen to others, and how to give difficult information in a positive manner. You’ll learn some great skills to ensure your communication is respectful and respected. #404 / Intro to Workroom Analysis with Ann K. Johnson When was the last time you looked at your workroom with a critical eye? Whether you work in a small spare bedroom or a roomy studio, it’s important to consistently and thoroughly analyze your workroom layout, tools and processes for maximum efficiency. Ann K. Johnson will teach you to do just that, plus discuss options for storing supplies, incoming materials, hardware and finished treatments. In addition, she’ll share tips on arranging everything to minimize steps. Monday, October 1, 2018, 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm Vendor Classes The following companies will be hosting educational programs for CWC Attendees on Monday evening. Pre-registration is not required. You can attend as you wish! Classroom assignments will be included in your attendee welcome folder. Hanes Fabrics Rowley Company Dofix No Sew Inc. Sloan Machinery