11 #703 English Roman Blinds with Penny Bruce Give your Roman blinds a British accent with the same tried-and-true techniques that Penny Bruce and her U.K. workroom team use when creating exquisite handcrafted Roman blinds. Penny will show you how she makes a beautiful blind from start to finish with no visible stitching lines on the front and with minimal light bleed. She will also share tips for adding internal stability, troubleshooting tricky fabrics that sag, and much more. #704 / Upholstery Foundations: Cushions with Cynthia Bleskachek Cushions are a critical-but-tricky part of any upholstery project. How big should the insert be compared to the cover, and how does that relate to the available space? Cynthia Bleskachek will share common pitfalls and offer you solutions for achieving professional results. You’ll also learn about selecting and working with modern cushioning materials, patterning cushions for furniture, dealing with problematic cushions, weighing the pros and cons of different cushion styles, and communicating with your client. Susan Woodcock and Rodger Walker are producers of Custom Workroom Conference. Susan has been a workroom professional for 30 years, offering sewing and design expertise to-the-trade and sharing her passion through HomeDecGal.com. She’s the author of “Singer® Sewing Custom Curtains, Shades and Top Treatments,” and an instructor for Craftsy.com. Rodger is retired from City of Richmond, Virginia Fire Department and has many years of event management experience for both private and non-profit events. Their latest venture is Custom Workroom Technical Center, a hands-on training facility in Tryon, NC.